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New Year in Kuala Lumpur and trip to Penang

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Penang wall painting brother and sister

How time is flying! After my stay in Thailand and Phuket I flew via Singapore (1 night) to Kuala Lumpur. That was the place to spend my New Year 2015 and the next 3 nights. It was nice staying again at MAMA KL’s place which I stayed already in November 2011. Great to meet them all again. In the evening of NYE, I met my old mate Amir and his friends and we went out together this night. During the NY-Countdown we spent the time at KLCC which was packed with people. After midnight there was also a firework. To get a cab the next hours was almost an impossible thing so went back home at almost 5am. Happy new year to all :-)

New year in Kuala Lumpur with my friend Amir and his friendsNew year in Kuala Lumpur with my friend Amir and his friends

Petronas Twin Towers with Mama KL and ClaudiaPetronas Twin Towers with Mama KL and Claudia

at home with Mama KL and Claudiaat home with Mama KL and Claudia

In KL I also got the chance to meet my old friend Hezry for a dinner again. Met this guy about 3.5 years ago in Tokyo.  He is now a doctor in Borneo and I had the chance for a personal consultation after my accident. Great evening.

Dinner with my old friend and now Doctor HezryDinner with my old friend and now Doctor Hezry

After 3 days in KL I flew with Malaysian Airlines to Penang. Due my accident I still was very limited to travel and wearing my backpack. Good thing that Malaysian Airlines even offers a 30 Kg allowance in economy class. At the check in, the women blocked a whole row for me that I had enough space for my arm – very kind gesture! From Penang Airport to Georgetown I drove by a prepaid coupon taxi for about 44MYR to my hostel. Stayed in Penang for 4 days at the clockwise hostel (review will follow later). Georgetown is famous for all his beautiful street art like wall paintings or the many nice restaurants and coffees. By the way almost everything (accommodation, food and drinks aside from alcohol) was super cheap in Penang. Nice to hang out a couple of days and exploring the town by feet or bus.

Penang wall paintings MinionPenang wall painting Minion

Penang wall paintingPenang wall painting

Penang wall painting Bruce LeePenang wall painting Bruce Lee

Penang wall painting motorbikePenang wall painting motorbike

Penang wall painting soccer playerPenang wall painting soccer player

Penang MinionsPenang Minions

Penang wall paintigs kids on bicyclePenang wall paintigs kids on bicycle

Penang wall paintigs cat and mousePenang wall paintigs cat and mouse

Penang wall paintigs kids and bicyclePenang wall paintigs kids and bicycle

Penang wall decorationsPenang wall decorations

Penang wall paintings children playing basketballPenang wall paintings children playing basketball

Penang wall paintings finding balancePenang wall paintings finding balance

Penang wall paintings men in boatPenang wall paintings men in boat

Penang wall paintings little boy wants coffeePenang wall paintings little boy wants coffee

Penang wall paintings little girl playingPenang wall paintings little girl playing

Penang wall paintings kidsPenang wall paintings kids

Penang door paintings SesamstrassePenang door paintings Sesamstrasse

Penang street art travelerPenang street art traveler

Penang street art carPenang street art

Penang street art on the runPenang street art on the run

Or spend some time at one of the many Jetties in Penang (which was also part of another UNESCO Heritage Site).

Penang Chew JettyPenang Chew Jetty

Penang Chew Jetty juice barPenang Chew Jetty juice bar

Penang Chew Jetty wall paintingPenang Chew Jetty wall painting

Temple around Chew Jetty in PenangTemple around Chew Jetty in Penang

walking around Chew Jetty in Penangwalking around Chew Jetty in Penang

walking around Chew Jetty in Penangwalking around Chew Jetty in Penang

during walking around in Penangduring walking around in Penang

Bens vintage toy museum PenangBens vintage toy museum Penang (a trip back to your childhood)

inside of Bens vintage toy museum Penanginside of Bens vintage toy museum Penang

If you wanna enjoy the Penang Hill take a bus (about 3-4MYR one way, drives about every 20-30min) from the Penang Bus Station. Arrived at the feet of Penang Hill you are welcomed to pay the foreigner price to get up (and down) for about 30MYR. Up on the hill there is not a lot to do. Just enjoy the view or spend some time in some restaurants there.

view on top from Penang Hillview on top from Penang Hill

Signposts on top of Penang HillSignposts on top of Penang Hill

way down from Penang Hillway down from Penang Hill

Thanks for reading. After my flight back to KL I stayed in an airport hotel and the next day a flew again to the Philippines. So see you next time again in the Philippines (Oslob and Palawan / Puerto Princessa and El Nido) :)

Penang wall paintings brother and sisterPenang wall painting brother and sister




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